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  • What We Do

    Promoting pollinator health first and foremost.

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    Healthy, Locally Raised Bees

    Honey bees are fascinating little creatures

    The establishment of huge crop monocultures leading to lack of natural foraging habitat, the widespread use of pesticides, and numerous bee diseases and parasites have pushed honey bees and other pollinators to the tipping point. We manage our colonies with the bees health in mind first - plenty of honey & pollen stores to thrive through the winter and close monitoring of pests and diseases.

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    Honey & Beeswax Products

    Raw, natural honey products

    Once our colonies have stored enough honey for the long winter, we gather the surplus for your (and our) enjoyment. We harvest raw, strained extracted honey; tender, natural comb honey; and a number of products made with our own bees wax including lip balm and leather conditioner.

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    Nucleus Colonies & Queens

    Honey bees with a little northern grit

    Our bees are no snowbirds - they laugh in the face of a brisk January morning. Our vision is to select our strongest colonies and grow queens from this hardy stock. Nucleus colonies produced with these tough Wisconsin queens will stand up to our northern climate and the unique stresses of the changing seasons. Winter hardiness, disease resistance, and temperament are equally important, with honey production as a final selection criteria.

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